Meet the artist:


Picket+Vine is the studio name of Karina, an Australian print and pattern designer with strong Scandinavian influences. She is passionate about creating fun and magical patterns and illustrations that bring joy to the generations and spread colour!

Her designs have a distinct Scandinavian Design Aesthetic because she has spent time living in Hvalstad, rural Norway when she was younger. Surrounded by pine forests, deer trails, pristine lakes, mountains and legends.

She is also a farm girl at heart, growing up in the picturesque river lands and eucalypt forests of mid coastal New South Wales, Australia on Gumbainggir lands.

One of her favourite design mediums is cut paper, creating authentic shapes for collage that retain their crafted edges. She has worked with apparel and childrenswear brands and collaborates globally on products including home decor, stationery, fabric and so much more.