Canatoo is for people who want luxury decor without the luxury price tag.

Hi! I'm Danielle. I have always been passionate about art and design. So when I purchased my first home, I couldn't wait to decorate it. That is, until I realized how challenging it would be to find pieces that match my decor, budget, and standards.

Everything from big box stores was too mass-produced and generic. I couldn't afford to buy more than a couple original pieces. Thrift stores and flea markets were hit-or-miss. It ultimately became clear that making decor myself was the only option. However, existing craft kits were underwhelming and starting from scratch was overwhelming. A professional-grade yet do-it-yourself solution is what I was looking for. So, I created Canatoo!

Craft with convenience. Decorate with delight.

  • Green Business Practices

  • Female Owned & Operated

  • Made in the USA

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